The Bureau - a brand new Science and Learning facility that offers the opportunity for flexible workshops and exhibitions for the people of Melbourne. Tying in closely with the previous Meteorology use of the site, the Bureau comprises a series of indoor and outdoor flexible spaces in a highly prominent position, that will help promote scientific education in an intimate and meaningful way.
Use of The Bureau may include:

·         Masterclass workshops for both adult and children scientific education

·         Gallery space and exhibitions

·         Ongoing information sessions regarding ongoing scientific research or issues

·         Catered functions such as fund raisers and dinners

·         Networking events

·         National Science Week events

The design of this concept building breaks down a definitive edge between that of the dense high rise CBD and the green, low rise northern suburbs, with two carefully considered interfaces; the North wall, and the South wall. Housed between these two walls is a collection of these flexible spaces with a strong pedestrian and vehicular connection to the CBD and the Carlton Gardens. Both feature walls relate strongly with the “old and new” of Melbourne’s built environment, the recycled stone a reference to our many original 1800s buildings, and the distinctive angled timber a statement on what is possible today.