The Macedon Project was a significant and challenging design opportunity, with the site, fire regulations and brief playing key roles along the way.

The site being tucked in quite high along the side of Mount Macedon, there are sweeping views to the north and far east which were critical to our early thinking. Other factors included the significant fall across the site, and the 'bal 40' bushfire rating, which has significant conditions, particularly with regard to glazing as it requires all exposed windows to be screened.

Due to the site being somewhat narrow, and the fall across the site far more gentle north to south, it was decided that the sleeping spaces would be more discreet and towards the rear of the dwelling, wrapped in corten. This allows for the northern living and social spaces to read as far more transparent and exposed, breaking out elevated to the north. Screening along the east provides some protection from the gale force winds along this edge without sacrificing any of the view.

Another of the key aspects to this project was the client's professional background with building products, particularly cladding. It provided us with the opportunity to completely design all the external systems, including the corten steel cladding, and the perforated window screens that are mechanically operated to be closed, satisfying the bushfire requirement.

A rooftop deck is the final touch, providing 360 views of this tranquil landscape.

Project Team: Chris Barnes, Nick Crawford
Completed: 2017
Photography: Dan Farrar Photography